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Apple Further Trims iPhone 5c Production as Customers Continue to Prefer iPhone 5s

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According to Chinese site C Technology [Google Translate, via Unwired View], Apple is continuing to reduce its orders for the iPhone 5c with suppliers, still working to balance production with customer demand that has remained very strongly in favor of the higher-priced iPhone 5s. 

The report claims that Apple's main assembly partner ProTek (Pegatron) has slashed production from 320,000 units per day in October to just 80,000 units per day. Similarly, Apple's backup assembler for the iPhone 5c, Foxconn, is operating at only a minimum capacity of 8-9,000 units per day. 

Customer interest in Apple's iPhone 5s has continued to outpace that of the iPhone 5c, with Chinese mobile phone retailer D.Phone reporting that that the iPhone 5s is holding a 3.68:1 advantage over the iPhone 5c among its customers, according to MyDrivers[Google Translate]. 

Similar signs of continued iPhone 5s strength are showing up in data from analytics firm Fiksu, which shows iPhone 5s activity outpacing iPhone 5c activity by a 3-to-1 margin. As of today, Fiksu is seeing the iPhone 5s accounting for 6.4% of active iPhone devices on its network, with the iPhone 5c accounting for just 2.1%. That gap has grown over the past month, with the iPhone 5s previously outperforming the iPhone 5c by a roughly 2-to-1 margin. 

Reports of Apple cutting iPhone 5c production are not new, but if the numbers in this latest report are correct, the cuts are even deeper than previously reported. 

While iPhone 5c supplies have been plentiful since the device's September launch, the iPhone 5s has been much more constrained and is only now beginning to see improved supplies. Earlier this week, shipping estimates for new orders through Apple's online store improved to 1-2 weeks, while the various models are showing significantly improved availability in Apple's retail stores.


Maxis One Club Plans for iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C

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Maxis has quietly sent out emails to its One Club(MOC) members and in the process unveiled its iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C plans.

Maxis One Club is an exclusive membership programme that offers priority customer service, special rewards and affinity programmes. Customers who have been with Maxis (postpaid) for more than a year with a minimum monthly commitment of RM150 and above are automatically upgraded to Maxis One Club member status.


MalaysianWireless has managed to obtain the Maxis One Club contract price plans and the Maxis RRP for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C as below:

Maxis iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C retail price which is different from the official Apple RRP:

  • iPhone 5s 16GB- (RRP: RM2349)
  • iPhone 5s 32GB- (RRP: RM2699)
  • iPhone 5s 64GB- (RRP: RM2999)
  • iPhone 5c 16GB- (RRP: RM1999)

iValue Simple

iValue 1

iValue 2

iValue 3

Monthly Fee RM 50 RM 100 RM 155 RM 250
Advance payment N/A RM 700 RM 1000 RM 1600
Talktime (Maxis to Maxis/Others) 200 mins 333 mins 667 mins 1500 mins
Additional Free Maxis to Maxis Talktime N/A 1000 mins
Mobile Internet 1GB 2GB 4GB 6GB
Free Maxis WiFi N/A 4GB
Bundled SMS (Maxis to Maxis) N/A 1000
Bundled MMS (Maxis to Maxis) N/A 20 40 60
Free 10GB Maxis Loker New sign up only New/Existing User

Please note that these MOC plans are for invited customers only. The full plans details below, pls hit the image for bigger view:





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Apple iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C retail pricing in Malaysia

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Apple has announced that the new iPhones will soon be available in Malaysiaand MalaysianWireless has managed to obtain the likely pricing of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in Malaysia(Thanks to some wonderful people that we know).


The pricing of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C that are stated below may not be the same for all mobile operators. This is because Apple has no control over the final price, for reasons unknown to us, similar to what happened last year (DiGi has set the Phone 5 retail pricing higher).

The iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C will be offered by Maxis, Celcom and DiGi starting 31st October, 2013. Below are the expected iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C pricing in Malaysia:

  • iPhone 5C (16GB): RM1899
  • iPhone 5S (16GB): RM2299
  • iPhone 5S (32GB): RM2599
  • iPhone 5S (64GB): RM2899

There could be about a RM100 difference between certain operators for the iPhone 5S. As for the iPhone 5C at RM1899, we can confirm that this is the RRP that has been set by Maxis and Celcom while DiGi is still finalising all their pricing at the point of writing.

The iPhone 5S and 5C launch in Malaysia this year may not be as exciting as the years before.

There won’t be the usual “midnight launch”. Telcos such as Celcom is planning for a launch event during the day, on 31st October. We heard Maxis is still deciding on the launch(its a new management and a new devices team) while DiGi will focus at their online store to drive the iPhone 5S/5C sales. Despite all these, its high likely that all 3 Telcos might do a launch event.

We think Apple has overpriced the iPhone 5C in Malaysia, thus the reason why we did not reveal the iPhone 5C 32GB pricing(because we did not ask). Its not just Malaysia, Apple appears to be making the same pricing mistake in other countries, raising concerns about demand for the iPhone 5C (C does not stand for Cheap).

Apple is said to be cutting production orders for the cheaper plastic-backed iPhone 5C just a month after its launch at the same time as the iPhone 5S, a source familiar with its supply chain told Reuters on Wednesday. On the other hand, iPhone 5S appears to be selling very well.

Less than 2-weeks to go before the iPhone 5S and 5C launch in Malaysia. Contract plans for the iPhone 5S and 5C are expected to be revealed next week, or the following week, follow us on Facebook for the latest updates!

[Update 1, 7.55pm]: Those looking to buy the iPhone 5C with contract from Maxis/Celcom/DiGi, the phone is expected to cost from as low as RM1.2K-RM1.3K, despite Apple wanted to operators to subsidize it to below RM1,000.

[Official Update 2, 23 Oct, 3.22am]: Apple has unveiled the official RRP of theiPhone 5SiPhone 5C in Malaysia:

  • iPhone 5S (16GB)- RM2399
  • iPhone 5S (32GB)- RM2749
  • iPhone 5S (64GB) - RM3149
  • iPhone 5C (16GB)- RM1999
  • iPhone 5C (32GB)- RM2399

Despite these pricing, we still believe that the Telcos will have different prices. As for now we know Celcom will sell the iPhone 5C at RM1899 and high likely that Maxis will follow. However DiGi might sell the iPhone 5C at a higher price- RM20xx. For the iPhone 5S, we can confirm that DiGi will also carry the same RRP as the official Apple pricing.



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Testing Finds Inaccurate Touch Sensing on iPhone 5s/5c, But Neglects Perspective Compensation

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New touch screen testing conducted by Finnish technology company OptoFidelity has suggested [PDF] the touch displays of Apple's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c are less accurate than the display of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but the testing has failed to take into account that Apple has designed its iPhones to compensate for different usage angles. 

Using its proprietary OptoFidelity Touch Panel Performance Tester, which compares the coordinates of touches by a robot with an artificial finger to coordinates from a touch device, the company measured the accuracy of both the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 5c, and the Galaxy S3. The video below demonstrates how the testing was carried out. 

The test assigned a PASS/FAIL score when the actual touch position registered greater than ±1 mm off from the reported coordinates from the artificial finger, marking passes with green dots and fails with red dots. According to the test, both of Apple's iPhones demonstrated "extremely bad" performance near the edges and the top of the screen. 

OptoFidelity suggests that this impacts both top and edge screen functionality, making it more difficult to perform tasks like accessing the Q and P keys on the virtual keyboard as they are located towards the edges of the display, but machine testing does not replicate real world usage, where the phone is held at and viewed from various angles. 

iOS is designed to compensate for the angle that it expects a phone to be held at, which suggests that some of the discrepancies between screen accuracy between the iPhone 5s/5c and the Galaxy S3 may be intentional on Apple's part, in order to provide a better experience for users that are not holding their phones in static positions. 

In addition to testing touch screen accuracy, OptoFidelity also took a look at touch screen latency, which was previously examined by Agawi. As with those initial tests that showed the iPhone 5 to be far more accurate than its Android counterparts, OptoFidelity had similar results with the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. 

Testing functionality such as web browsing opening time and camera application opening time revealed that the iPhones were more responsive than the Galaxy S3, with the iPhone 5s registering slightly faster response times. 


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MOGA's Upcoming iPhone Game Controller Leaked in New Photos

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After Apple announced support for an upcoming "Made for iPhone" (MFi) program supporting certified game controllers using new APIs in iOS 7, a report indicated that Logitech and MOGA were among the first wave of companies to be working closely with Apple on such accessories. 

Logitech's controller has been seen several times already, and now a photo of MOGA's offering has been leaked on Twitter by @evleaks. Apparently called the "MOGA Ace Power", the enclosure controller reportedly includes an integrated 1800 mAh battery and the photo reveals not only the traditional D-pad on the left front and buttons on the right front and shoulders of the device, but also dual thumbsticks on the left and right front. 

second photo shows the controller in closed mode when the iPhone has been removed. 

Apple has yet to officially announce the launch of its MFi program for game controllers, but it is clear that third-party manufacturers are gearing up to launch their products. Companies such as ClamCase and Logitech have been teasing their offerings, suggesting that a launch may be rather close, but launch details for the devices have yet to be revealed.

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